Thursday, April 29, 2010

Benefit Concert

Let's help an Angel to breathe To read more about baby Jon visit his blog site @: SEE YOU ALL AT CHECKPOINT Peace, Love and Rock n Roll! Tag your friends!! ♪Audrey♫

Friday, April 23, 2010

Breathe HOPE : Our Dream, Our Prayer

Bracelet for FUND RAISING
For PRE-Orders
Please call/text :
CP # 09179887221
Landline # 3583305

Thank You tita Lori...

Look @ my gifts!!! wow!!!

My Brand new toy!!! yehey! Thanks tita!! love u po!

Thank You so much 'coz u really know what I need!!!
- jon angelo

*Thank YOU too for makin' my mama tet n tita diane so so HAPPY!!!

My Tita Lori My #1 twitter friend :)

April 18, 2010

Rescue from NEW YORK

Thank you Tita Jocelyn and Sir Emilio

To Rescue Me...

April 8, 2010

Nice bedskirt and fitted sheets from my lola bing..

pamporma from my Lola Bing

April 7, 2010
My oversized bolster pillow from tito ace and tita donna. (Thanks & God BLess)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Way Back H O M E

8 hr long drive....

dalton pass...

1 hr dalton pass

Good Bye novo vizcayanos :)....

Thanks to my Visitors

day b4 i left Vizcaya...
mam tet's H.S. Buddies

mommy tet's former dean @ PLT

My tita Abi (mom's batchmate @ SMU Nursing)

*Thanks ALSO (Not in Picture) : KIrsten CHua, Fe Afalla

My fave tito Dee Jay

April 7, 2010
Happy Bday to my fave Tito Dee Jay :)
God Bless!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank You for the LOVE Gifts I've received....

Jon Angelo Viado (FB wall post)
My tito mundz, fresh from Australia handed a gift added to my fund for the purchase of my daily oxygen supply, how blessed am i to receive such love and generosity,thank you tito mundz..--jonjonon Friday

Jon Angelo Viado (facebook wall post) DL and RL sent us SMS about a celeb handing a cheque for our baby Jon, how good God is to mobilize His people help our Jon Angelo...Marc Nelson (Sports Unlimited coHost), thank you very much!..hope to see you in person and thank you in our warmest way..God Bless You!-----mommy tet

March 31, 2010

Jon Angelo Viado - thank you po to the group of SMU professors who dropped by our place this morning plus a bonus gift!..salamat po!..for those who gave their shares, salamat po ng marami..salamat sir chuck, you have seen me in my mom's tummy, on birth, on early infancy and now that i am ill, i appreciate it so much that you care for me..---jonjon